Introducing the premier Marathon Training Program & Readiness series for your 2016 marathon success.

Join CarreraThon's top-caliber training program and get your Marathon ON! This is year 4 and we’ve changed things up for a fresh new approach to marathon training. In 2016, train toward time trials and culminate with 2 challenging races to prepare you for the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon as well as the next Half, or Full, Marathon in your sights. CarreraThon is an Official Training Group of the Rock ‘n’ Roll.

If you’ve trained with us, you know that your commitment renders results and that we are here to power you through your training. If you’re new to CarreraThon, welcome. You’re among good people and professional coaching. Whether your ambition is your first Half, or your next Marathon, you’ll get solid support and the GUSTO series will get you marathon ready.

Training Group Exclusive
Training Group Exclusive
Training Group Exclusive

"Love, love, love Carrera Races. ... they have a TON of post-race goodies, so you get a lot of value for that entry fee, and a really nice tech tee too." ~ Scott

"The whole organization is a great one and extremely helping on all levels. You all bring out the best in us and it shows. I watched many people crossing that finish line, look up at their time and see joy on them. This couldn't have happened without Carrera." ~ Peter

CarreraThon 2016 season is suspended.

We are working to serve you better in 2017.